Impossible? Possible!! at Foxfire Studio Inc.

Microscopic laser welding of metal eyeglasses, delicate jewelry, circut boards and any other job requiring the fusing of all types of metals; Sterling, Gold, Platinum, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Brass and Copper.

We even have the ability to fuse dissimilar metals.

Laser welding generates very little surface heat in the surrounding areas, making it perfect to work around delicate gemstones, and antique watches.

The beam of light actually fuses the metal together on a molecular level, joining the two parts.  We can provide the welding service for a single repair on metal eyeglass frames, usually while you wait. We also repair jewelry, and anything that would require delicate and precise welds.

The beam of light actually fuses the metal together on a molecular level,  joining the two parts.Call Steve Lewis at:

(603) 750-4113

We are located at Foxfire Studio Inc. in the Dover Point Office Park on 44 Dover Point  Road in Dover, New Hampshire. Just go upstairs to Unit Q and ask for Steve.

Steve will repair your glasses while you wait on Saturdays, we open at noon.

Please call ahead

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Saturdays while you wait!

Steve repairs eyeglasses on Saturday while you wait. This is great for people without a back-up pair of glasses and need them to see. Why spend another 3-400.00 on a new pair if your metal frames have broken.

Call ahead for a time, Steve gets in at noon!

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Laser Repair is more than eyeglasses!

Steve can take delicate antiques and repair faults that cannot be done with a torch. Beautiful antique pocketwatches with engraving can be smoothed over to have another monogram put on them. Antique Sterling rings can be re-sized and prongs fixed.

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